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This is a blog of all our different experiences over the years. God has blessed us greatly and it has been an amazing journey together with Him!

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Triumphal Entry

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April 21st 2009.


Two years ago, I went above and beyond my sacred vows at the altar. Kendra and I made a special pact that would affect our relationship and decisions in ways that others have a hard time rationalizing the reasoning for it. We promised each other that we would never spend a single night under a different roof. Up to this point, we hadn't had too much trouble with it. There were a couple times we had family members cause a fuss over wanting us to vacation apart but we worked through it. This was the first big test of that vow.


While living in New York, I acquired my teaching certification from Cambridge University. Shortly after, we were looking for where we would serve next. I prayed and prayed. I sent out resumes to schools and emails to missionaries. Never heard back from anyone. I had previously applied to Biola University in Los Angeles and been accepted into their graduate program. I wasn't sure if that was where God was leading me. Then I got a call from Kaplan in Westwood. It was one of the schools in LA where I really wanted to work. The catch was they wanted to interview me. Living in New York, in light of the vow and financial considerations, meant I had to move my entire family to LA on faith.


On the plane we went. It was a Tuesday when we arrived, we rented a car for a week and stayed in a hotel. I set up a few more interviews after my initial one with Kaplan. On Sunday I hadn't heard from any of the interviews and was notably distraught. I thought about all the money I had wasted, and the detriment this whole experiment had been to my leadership, and my clearly deafened ear for God's still small voice. So 5 minutes to 11am, we are walking to the car to go to some random church in the area I had just googled. Suddenly I get an equally random call from an old friend from college who tells me there's this church in my area I should go to. We jump in the car and ride over.


Well, the church is a Mandarin church that has an English service. Because of the specialty service, it is more of a small group setting. So, when we walk in everyone greets us and asks all the visitors to stand up and tell the people about themselves. Naturally, I stand up and tell them how we are missionary helpers, what we do, and how I am there to go to Biola. After the service, the pastor was really kind, another couple even came up and offered to take us to lunch. The church was really really welcoming. 


On Monday, I still hadn't heard anything. We couldn't afford to stay in a hotel and the car was due back so we got tickets to go back east the next day. On Tuesday morning, on the way to the airport, the car ran out of gas. We were late, we missed our flight. This was the first flight either of us had ever missed. Mind you, we had taken 100s of flights. So we return the car and whilst looking online for a hotel near the airport and a flight for the next day, I check my phone.


On my phone, there are three missed calls. The first message was the pastor of the church we had visited just two days before. He was calling to let us know that there was a family in the church that had a guest house we could stay in a few weeks until we got our feet on the ground. The second message was the couple that took us out to lunch. They called to let us know that the previous pastor, who had moved back to China to be a missionary, had left his car with them in case someone needed to use it for a short time. The third message was Kaplan, the job I really wanted, offering my a position starting immediately. 


God's timing is amazing. Had we not missed the plane, I would have been well on my way to the East Coast, never to return. God confirmed His calling us there in such a way that I would have had to have been blind, def, and dumb not to see it. Which I often am Spiritually.

Returning Home

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May 7th 2008


Because of unforeseen circumstances we are going to have to leave Korea a little early. I did not plan on the events that have transpired here, the good news is the baby situation is ok and healthy. We have decided to move back to the US on June 3rd. This is a little over 30 days before we originally planned on leaving the country.

This will, of course, completely alter our original plans. I have been in contact with and will receive a job offer in Cape Coral Florida where Kendra and I will reside with my Mom for a short time until the baby is born.

I was also recently accepted into Biola. We will eventually (God's timing) move to La Mirada with the help of a contact from the university (for an apartment) and a former associate of ours (for employment). Of course, when Kendra comes to a time when she feels she can no longer, she will cease to work for the duration of her said life. haha

This does mean that we will not be able to visit family, as we had hoped. There is just no feasible way for us to do so. But the glass is always half full: Kendra has family in Tampa and Me in Sarasota which will provide a smoother visit to see us when the baby is born.

Also: Kendra's Wiley WILL be making the great journey home with us. *sigh*

Thank you for all your support!

It's Official!

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April 8th 2008

We have a little bit of news for you all...

We found out a few weeks ago that Kendra is pregnant. SUPRISE... I know its as much a suprise to you as it was to us... but the heart beats and so its really gonna happen and so you should all know too :^D

We will be coming back to America in August. Not sure where or what we will be doing just yet... The expected delivery date is around Thanksgiving.


JeonJu ROCK Army Bible Studies

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April 1st 2008

Two more teachers are gone. Dan and Ruth have now left us. Ruth went to China to visit her brother Paul and his wife Ling. Paul told us that she has a bit to learn. She went shopping in a Muslim part of the city wearing a jacket with a menorah. She tried to conceal it, but did not do a very good job. She was approached by a couple who said, "Shalom." Israelis are everywhere. They assumed that Paul and Ling were Israeli as well. Fortunately, Ruth always has things that should be very wrong turn out right.

After a week there she will go on to California , Oregon , Illinois , and finally to Texas . She has been blessed financially by working for us for almost five years. She has what she needs to live on while she gets an accredited degree. She would like to get a decent job so that she does not spend all her savings. Please pray that the Lord will give her a chance to gain some useful employment that will enhance her ministry opportunities as well.

Dan has left for the States. Unfortunately, he has not worked here as long as Ruth and has not been able to cover all the debt that he incurred while living in the States. He needs to find good job that will help him pay off debt and for grad school. He would appreciate your prayers for him as well.

Mrs. Ventrello, the wife of the Scottish missionary (Michael) we are working with here, went to the States to have surgery for her problem. She wanted the support of her family there, but the surgery turned out to be more serious than expected. Michael is planning to go to the States in a week or so to be with her and take care of the kids as much as possible. She will not be able to lift anything for a couple of months. If you have ever reared a three-year-old, you know how difficult that can be with not being able to understand Mommy's problem. The surgery will now cost about ten times what they had expected and our insurance is only valid in Korea . We and others plan to help them significantly, but they need more help. Please pray that the Lord will work in hearts to help them cover the cost.

Michael had wanted to go home for two months this summer to try to raise support so he could work less in the school next year and dedicate more time to the bilingual church work. Please pray that he will get opportunities to share his work in Korea with many churches while he is in the States. I believe that the surgery will be in South Carolina . 

I have officially taken over the military ministry in Jeonju. I will do it until we leave in August. Please pray that the Lord will send a new teacher here with a burden for these young men. I am have been teaching Bible lessons to the Korean soldiers stationed there through an interpreter, Pastor Jong Lee.

You would never believe that the world is facing the greatest recession since the Great Depression when you see our need for workers here. In Revelation John mentions that the world will be in economic turmoil in the last days, but that the oil and wine will not be hurt. That referred to their most precious commodities. We minister to the wealthiest of Asians and provide an education that is their highest level of priority. No American could ever comprehend what Asians are willing to spend to insure the success of their children. We have the reputation of being the best in our cities in both Korea and China so we should not be hurt by any turndown in the economy. In fact, it was during the Asian financial crises that we had people demanding that we hire more teachers so their children could come to our institute. There is no question that caring Christian teachers have a profound impact on these precious people.

God is good.


Winter Wonderland

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March 31st 2008

Hello All,

We have been doing very well. There have been a lot of changes around here. It seems its been in a constant state of transition since we arrived. Spring (atleast the weather part we hope) is around the corner and we are nearing the 8 month mark. They have seemed to have flown by so fast and been drama filled!

Two more teachers have been deported. Well, they will leave within the week. When we arrived there were only four people near our age, two were single, the other two were married with a four year old. In December, the latter two were deported because their universities were not accredited. Now they are all gone. Fortunately for us, a young married couple who are our age moved here this month and have been a huge blessing for us.

We were able to make a connection and have quite a few things in common. Last week we went skiing (I was the lone snowboarder). We had a great time. God blessed us there also (aside from an injury-less affair). It was the last weekend the slopes would be open (Middle of March... go figure...) so they gave us an 65% discount. We had a blast. You can see the pics in the next email for more details.

We have started a Kings Kids/Awana program here on Sunday evening. It has been a huge hit. There have been 40 kids each of the last two weeks. God is working in and through us greatly here. We are very greatful for all the growth we have experienced since arriving last August.

Please pray for the children that we teach and minister to. We have seen five students come to Christ since arriving. Four of my first graders and one of my fourth graders. Also, pray for the Bilingual work as it is in a major transition period. The pastor's wife has had some serious health problems (as has he) and is currently back in South Carolina awaiting two serious surgeries (at once... ouch!). Also, the two teachers are going to need to find homes and jobs and transportation. We will be overloaded here at the school so pray for the KCIS teachers as we take over their classes. Please pray for my mother as she has suffered two minor heart attacks in the last two weeks and my father who is still awaiting a kidney/pancreas transplant.

God has shown us again and again he answers prayer while we have been here. He's been doing all the small things that could be overlooked and we are so thankful. Thank you for all your support and prayer.


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February 12th 2008



Its been a while but I just wanted to let everyone know how things are going. February opened with the lunar new year holiday. We took the occasion to take a trip up to Seoul and visit the DMZ.


It was an interesting trip. Seoul is somewhat of a poor man's NYC. It was nice. We were able to eat some western style meals... been a while... We took a tour and saw all the sites. The north Seoul tower, 5000 year history National museum, all the markets and things. It was a great experience. We also had a once in a lifetime opportunity while we were there.


They had the Dead Sea Scrolls there from Israel. We were able to see them and all the excavating sites and the different things. It was awesome.


We also were able to go to a traditional folk village. It was so interesting. It was this entire massive village that was set up just like it was 200 years ago. It was a really cool experience. We were able to ride horses and everything.


We also took a trip up to demilitarized zone. Its the area on the border of North Korea. There were shacks every 100 feet or so with soldiers with guns in them. They were looking for wet backs lookin to jump the border!


We are doing well. Kendra had a blood infection but a week of antibiotic shots helped clear that up.

God has blessed our Friday night Bible study with the youth and the children's ministry greatly! Pray for us as we serve the Lord. God has been blessing and we have seen a large increase in attendance.

Good News

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DECEMBER 12th, 2007


I have some great news. God has been answering many prayers as of late. Kendra and I have wanted to visit China, we were looking into a trip but couldn't find anything solid until this week. I have also been praying for God's leading for what to do when we leave here. I have also been praying for my Mom. She is moving from Ohio to Florida and is going to need alot of help as she is all alone. I have also been praying for my students and God has been faithful.

My Mom was suppose to move to Florida at the end of the month but due to unforeseen circumstances the date was moved to the coming Monday. God opened a door for me to catch a few friends and provided a neighbor who were willing to help her load the truck. Her neighbor is even going to drive down with her and help her unload.

Then, this morning, four of my first graders got saved. (thursday am). It was so awesome. I have been teaching them Moses and the Isrealites in the wilderness and we came to the fiery serpents and the cross. (where they had to look at the brazen serpent on the pole in order to be healed from the snake bits). So I was able to transition that to looking to the cross with faith to be saved from hell. What makes it great is that this is the last day I will teach them Bible. They start second grade when they come back from winter vacation.

Well, Its going to be a Chinese holiday for us. We will be in Beijing for Christmas. LOL How funny is that... To celebrate Christ birth we are going to one of the only countries in the world that outlaws Christ teaching. We will be there from the 26th to the 30th. We are taking a tour. Pray for traveling mercies and an opportunity to spread God's Word.

Also, I have applied to Biola University in La Mirada. They have the exact masters program I have been looking for. Kendra and I will move to Southern California (pending my acceptance) when we come back and I will get my masters of education in intercultural studies. Im excited about that.

Pray for us here in Kunsan. Two of the teachers are being deported the other two are going to court and can stay until their court date which should be in March sometime. We will be moving and I will be doing a Bible study on Friday night to the students and on Saturday morning to some Korean soldiers. We are also going to be teaching (except for one week for Christmas) straight through August with no breaks. We are also doing the bilingual children's ministry.

timme and kendra

Korean Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving 2007


We have enjoyed our Thanksgiving here. The Koreans don't celebrate (naturally, of course) but we have had 2 Thanksgiving meals (complete with pumpkin pie :^). We have also had left overs!

Everything is going well. The teachers havent left yet so everything is pretty much the same. Our Bible teacher left but he was part-time and easy to replace. Our other two teachers are leaving on December 15th. Those of you that do, please pray for this! The children's program is running very well. I'm not entirely convinced they understand ONE word I'm saying but breaking the language barrier is the Lord's job! [any questions please see Peter (Acts 2)].

Our school internet is still down (hints the lack of emails being sent out). There are about to be quite a few changes in the House of J. One of which is the actual house. We will be taking over one of the departing teachers apartments (YEAH!). It will be a pleasent upgrade. I am also taking over his Friday night Bible study for the students of our international school. I also have a meeting with a missionary here, Jim Taylor, about taking over a Saturday Bible Study outreach to the Korean Military.

Timme and Kendra

Apartment Solution

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October 13th 2007


Praise the Lord... The mold be outta da house... The landlord lady said because of our "strategic" location (in an alley behind the school) it would be extremely difficult to rent the apartment to anyone else and she would do ANYTHING to keep us there... So, all our apartment issues have been resolved. There is no more mold in our apartment. They removed all the wallpaper in the "infected" rooms and replaced various other things. That is a huge blessing.

We haven't had anymore health problems. Kendra got some medicine from a local pharmacy for her bronchitis and it hasn't really acted up at all since. I have had a little trouble sleeping through the night though. The lil' one doesnt help that though...

The other night I woke up with this little white furball with beady little eyes staring right back into mine and I thought... why isnt Wiley in his bed? So I reached over to pick him up to put him back in bed and immediately realized why he was out... This of course being after I looked over to see something like a bright red 4:00 beaming at me from our clock on the dresser... Anywho. He had peed... and we're not talking 2 month old 1lb 10 oz maltese pee... We are talking 100lb german shepherd after a long drink pee... It was amazing... a puddle sat a good two inches thick on our freshly washed sheets... Shoot me I thought... just shoot me...

That would have been a great story in and of itself but thats not the end... Then we got up like usual at around 6:30 only to find after we put him back in his caged area on his bed (right next to his pee pad I might add) he had peed all over the place, on the floor, all over his bed, even in his food dish... amazing... utterly amazing... The pee monster was loose and there was no taming him...

On a lighter note, things are heating up with the big move out to the base. The bilingual church (which currently consist of one two hour service at 3:00pm on Sunday) is in limbo because when the servicemans center leaves there will be an opportunity to have a full schedule of services... Please pray for this... Bro. Michael ("pastor" of the bilingual) is having a very difficult time with what to do. He is currently professing too much work load from the school to have a full weeks services... which would leave the teachers to try and find a way out to base three times a week...

Ministry notes:

We are currently teaching from 8:30 until 5:30 with a one hour break. School is going very well. I am teaching Bible and have some kids with "interesting" religious backgrounds. I have an Indian (from India ;) girl who told me the other day that her favorite god is an indian god because she is sooo beautiful. I mean... what do you say to that? THATS NOT THE ONE TRUE LIVING JEHOVAH GOD YOU HEATHEN LITTLE GIRL!!!!!! I dont think that would bide well. No, I make jokes but seriously pray that God will give me wisdom in how to help her understand the truth from the Word of God. Also, there was a recent Korean holiday and we asked the kids how many of them worshipped the souls of their ancestors (customary) during this time and about 1/3 of them raised their hands. So please pray for the souls of these little ones who dont know Christ.

We have been working with Bro. Michael's wife, Ruth, in the children's ministry. That has gone pretty well. Its difficult because some of the younger ones dont understand. Please pray for that also.


Tim and Kendra Jacobs

First Month of School

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September 27th 2007


Well, we made it through a whole month now. We have been through some adventures thus far, some good, some... well... not so much. The Lord is definitely using this time to grow us. Its been fun though. We received an extremely encouraging package from Trinity. It had all kinds of Cd's of the services... Its nice to have something from home.

Its been a long month. So much has happened, its hard to sit down and write every week. That would certainly cut down on the size of these letters but I just can't ever seem to find the time. We have been very busy but we did get a break for Chusok... the Korean thanksgiving type holiday.

During our break, we had three days off at the beginning of this week, we were able to rest and relax. We were able to look at another apartment. Unfortunately, it is a little out of our price range. It is huge, so we were hoping that another family with children would move there and we could take a smaller one. It is 32 pyong which is like 1100 sq ft. We just don't need all that. The apartment we are living in is a moderate health concern.

We have been having a pretty serious problem with black mold. There is a room that we had shut of because it was covered in it. We sprayed it and tried to kill as much as possible, but the mold still reigns... Kendra was having some breathing issues so we took her to the doctor. She has bronchitis, and the doctor said it is most likely from the mold. So, we had to block off that room again (we had opened it temporarily thinking it was handled). We are just praying the Lord would deal with the situation. The medicare here is VERY good and extremely affordable.

With all the bad things, there is a few bright spots... Kendra has been really overwhelmed with the large school load and being sick and just one thing after another here... Anyway, we were at Lotte mart the other day (somewhat similar to Walmart Supercenter) and she fell in love with this little Maltese... I told her if it was 150,000 or less we would buy it... It was 220,000... Well, one of my students works there so I asked her if she could talk to her manager and now we have a new addition to our little family! I'll send pics later, hes a little fur ball. We named him Wiley... His Korean name is Chook Bok. Which means blessing.

Things are going well here, please continue to pray for our mold situation and the church as its in transition. Thanks for all the support. We are enjoying our service and growth here in the Lord. 

Tim and Kendra Jacobs