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Here you can find out exactly what it is we do. These are the ministries we offer to assist missionaries in furthering the Kingdom in their missions. For each ministry, we have listed an explanation of the goal as well as a brief description of an actual ministry God has blessed us to be a part of in the past.

Teaming with a missionary who has already established a church or is going to the field to do so, we will help the missionary start ministries such as college-age, singles, married couples, youth, children’s, etc. Once we've trained someone to take over that ministry, we will begin to look for another opportunity to serve.

In 2007 the Lord led us to South Korea where the need for an English church was felt. We teamed with Scottish missionary, Michael Ventrello, to start a bilingual church. We started with a handful of young people. God blessed immensely as we started an AWANA/King’s Kids type children’s ministry and a youth ministry. When we left, missionary Roger Swanson insured ministry would continue after God blessed with over 200 children and 25 youth. In 2013, we moved back to Los Angeles to help Pastor Trevor DeBenning turn his weekly service into a church. We are currently helping them build a missions committee to ignite and unite the people with purpose to be the body of Christ and establish a children's minsitry.

Any missionary crusades, camps, or any other types of evangelism explosion that my wife and I can be a part of, we tackle full steam ahead. This includes preaching in public venues such as parks, beaches, tourist's attractions, stadiums, trains, or buses, camps of all sorts, etc. This ministry is usually done along side others or on short term trips.

In 2000, I was able to spend some time in the Philippines at a summer (winter here ;) youth revival, reaching the children and young people there through a camp ministry by FBCA and national missionaries Joey Baluca and Art Carpio. In 2004 my wife Kendra spent the summer with Daystar Baptist Missions evangelizing youth in the Dominican Republic as several churches there expanded ministries and held summer camps. In 2005 I was privileged to preach in the public parks and buses as part of Iglesia de Bautisista de Cartagena de Indias’ ministries. In Los Angeles, we were able to work with lay leader, Richard Guerrero, in the Seek-N-Surf ministry at Venice Church. This ministry sought out local area surfers in Los Angeles every Saturday morning and held Bible studies on the beach where God blessed. 

Training nationals to reach their own people is vital as they are much better equipped from a cultural standpoint. This involves teaching them practical and Biblically based local church polity and administration. This adds to their desire to share the Gospel that has changed their lives and desires.

In 2005, I was blessed to live in Cartagena Colombia where I trained 20 pastors that were on staff in 7 churches that were started over a 15 year period by missionary and national Alberto Gomez. I taught them everything from the basics (eg ushering) to more complicated aspects of administration and polity (eg finances and building proper relationships in the church)

In the case of furlough relief, we go one year to get accommodated to the missionary and their ministry, learning the ends and outs. Then take over the ministry for a year or so while the missionary returns home to visit supporters and family. Then help the missionaries integrate back into their work. In church planting assistance, we will either come, help a supported church planter get their work off the ground, or come into a work they have already planted, learn the ministry, take it over as interim pastor until a permanent pastor can be found, allowing the church planter to move on to the next work.

Though furlough relief is a vision for our ministry, we have yet to actually do this. However, we have engaged in church planting assistance. In October of 2012, we went to NYC to assist church planter, Ron Taylor, start a new work in Manhattan. Little did we know that 2 weeks after our arrival there would be a hurricane that destroyed The Rockaways. As a result of relief efforts in the wake of the devastation, a church plant was birthed. We were able to assume pastoral duties over Ron's first church plant in Brooklyn to allow him to plant a second church in Rockaway Beach.

Meeting a physical need in order to help reveal their core need. Following the example of Christ, we have seen great things done through meeting the needs of people with food and clothing drives, providing disaster relief or medical supplies, and drilling for clean water. 

We have had the pleasure of being a part of several humanitarian projects. In October of 2012 the Lord led us to NYC. Two weeks later, Hurricane Sandy caused massive damage to the Rockaway peninsula. I was asked by Urban Impact Ministries Founder and President, Larry Holcomb, to direct the relief center in Rockaway Beach. God blessed and we were able to provide 700-1,000 people per day with supplies. The first two weeks we had everything from flash lights to clothes to blankets to food, including three hot meals per day. Then as the needs waned, we evolved. First, from an emergency needs center to a pantry, providing food, baby items, cleaning products, etc., to a clean-out crew center, which sent out mission teams to clean out basements and houses with water and mold damage, and finally to a rebuilding center. We joined hands with the Amish and spent months installing sheetrock and insulation in 3-4 houses per week as well as continuing the food pantry.  We are also working with Manna Worldwide to help missionaries in Central America and Africa with local ministries and drilling water wells for clean water.  

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